Casey's Green Martian Coho Fly Recipe

Casey's Green Martian Coho Fly Recipe

I tied the Green Martian with the idea of adding a little bit of a bright spot to a pattern I already fish in order to help it stand out in lower light conditions.  

I sat down at my tying bench and quickly whipped one up to try in the morning. After stringing my rod up in the dark with my new fly secured in my hook keeper I made my way out to “my spot”. I waited until there was enough light to see my fly stand out and started casting. The results were instant. It wasn’t more than a few casts before I was into my first fish that morning and the action was non-stop from that point on.

I quickly decided this fly was going to have a permanent place in my fly box, I fished this fly almost exclusively for most of the season with excellent results in all types of light conditions. 

When fishing this fly, I primarily use a full floating line (Rio Outbound Short) with a 10’ Intermediate poly leader.  My second choice is a full intermediate fly line like a RIO Premier Aqualux. See our RIO Premier Aqualux fly line review.  I typically tie on about a 4 foot piece of 15lb Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon with a Duncan loop to secure the fly to my leader. I fish this pattern with two different retrieves.  More often than not, I am doing a fairly slow 8 to 10 inch with a short pause in between. I’ll mix it up once in a while with a short, fast and jerky retrieve about 3-4 inches at a time.  Give this a try next time and see how it works for you!

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Good luck on the water.

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