Compleat Angler Jig Head Review

Compleat Angler Jig Head Review

Compleat Angler jig heads are locally made exclusively for Sea-Run Fly and Tackle, they’ve been tried and tested over 5 years as one of the most durable jig heads on the market, the heavy wire hooks hold up to the biggest and strongest salmon. We carry a large variety of sizes and colours, that come in a variety of different hook sizes, with over 8 sizes, and 25 different colours to suit any situation.

Pros of Compleat Angler Jig Heads

  • Huge selection of colours
  • All popular sizes for twitching jigs and float fishing jigs
  • Super sharp hooks
  • Heavy gauge wire suitable salmon and steelhead
  • Locally made

Cons of Compleat Angler Jig Heads

  • Sometimes the hook eyes need to be cleaned out
Size (Ounces)
  • 1/32nd
  • 1/16th
  • 1/8th
  • 1/4th
  • 5/16th
  • 3/8th
  • ½
  • 5/8th


Great for tying up twitching jigs of any size, float fishing jigs or putting on a rubber curly tail grub.

No matter how big the fish is at the end of your line, you can be sure these jigs will hold up in even the heaviest of current. You simply can’t go wrong with these jig heads.


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