The Blob Fly Recipe

The Blob Fly Recipe

As weird as it may look, The Blob is a real fish catcher! The Blob imitates a cluster of daphnia or zooplankton or can be taken purely out of aggression. You can hang a Blob under a strike indicator or you can fish it on a sinking line with a slow retrieve. If that fails, try stripping it at a faster rate to trigger a strike.

Blobs can be fished all season for Interior Rainbow Trout and can be one of those patterns that breaks the “Summer Doldrums”. If you haven’t fished a blob yet, you’re missing out! Make sure you add a few to your box and see how they work for you this Stillwater season! Check out our Fly Fishing for BC Interior Rainbow Trout blog post.

Hook: Mustad S80-3906 Size 10

Thread: Uni-Thread, 6/0 White

Bead: Pro Tyer True-Fit Brass Beads 1/8” Chartreuse

Tail: Wapsi Wooly Bugger Marabou 50/50 mix of Fl. Orange and Fl. Yellow

Body: The Alchemists Tying range 10mm Blob Fritz, rear half of the body in “Biscuit’ and the front half “UV White”

Blob fly recipe

Tying Steps

1.) Place the Chartreuse Bead on the hook and fix it into your vice.

2.) Attach your tying thread, lay down a thread base, and tie in your blended marabou tail.

3.) Next pull some of the fritz off the end of the strand to expose the core and tie in your “Biscuit”-coloured Fritz.

4.) Palmer the Fritz forward to cover the rear half of the hook and tie it off.

5.) Next expose the core on the “UV White”, tie it in and wrap the material up to the bead. Tie it off, whip finish and secure those thread wraps with a drop of head cement.

Good Luck!

All of the materials used to tie this fly are available for purchase in our online store. If you have any questions or would like to order some flies, please give us a call at 604-931-5044 or email us at

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