Pop's Bugger Capilano Coho Fly Recipe

Pop's Bugger Capilano Coho Fly Recipe

Pop’s Bugger is a deadly option for Coho, particularly on the Capilano river! Full of flash and wiggle, this is a fly that simply produces. I tie this pattern with a tungsten bead when I want to target Coho in the deeper pools but a brass bead will suffice for shallower water. 

When I am fishing on the Cap with Pop’s bugger, I like a quick 6-to-8-inch strip but if that fails, I'll make a longer slower retrieve. Tie one on and enjoy the results!

Fly Recipe

Hook: Mustad S82-3906B Size 10 or 12

Thread:  6/0 Uni Thread Light Green

Bead: Wapsi Tungsten 1/8” Gold

Tail: 50/50 Mix of Fl. Yellow and Yellow Olive Wapsi Wooly Bugger Marabou with 2 strands of both silver and green Holographic Flashabou down either side of the tail

Body: Wapsi Fine Worm Green Chenille

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire Brassie Green

Hackle: Wapsi Palmer Chenille Small Olive

Pop's Bugger

Tying Instructions

1.) Slide the 1/8” bead on to your hook, pinch your barb and fix the hook firmly in your vice.

2.) Attach your thread and wrap a good base over the hook shank.

3.) Mix a clump of Wapsi fluorescent yellow and the yellow olive Wooly Bugger Marabou together and tie them in. Using fibers off the side of the feather will give the fly better movement in the water.

4.) Accent the tail with two strands of both the silver and green Holographic Flashabou down each side.

5.) After your tail is secured, fasten in a piece of your green wire, followed by a length of the small olive Palmer Chenille.

6.) Tie in the worm green Chenille by winding forward over the hook shank, Palmer forward and counter rib with the green wire.

7.) Whip-finish the thread behind the bead, add a dab of head cement and Pop’s Bugger is done!


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