The Godfather’s Pumpkin Head Fly Recipe

The Godfather’s Pumpkin Head Fly Recipe

The Pumpkin head has become a staple in many anglers fly box over the last few years, here we have a variation of this extremely effective pattern that is worth adding to your arsenal.

This version of the fly has caught me a multitude of species; from Rainbows to Cutthroat, Brookies, Coho and even White Fish have fallen victim to this fly.

It is equally as effective on the rivers as it is on lakes stripped or trolled it will fool fish! I fish this on a full sinking line on the lakes, I typically will start with an intermediate line like a RIO Mainstream Intermediate and will change to a RIO Fathom 5 sinking line if I need a faster sinking line to go deeper.

When fishing the Godfather’s Pumpkin head on a river then I’ll use a line like the RIO Grand Elite floating line with a RIO PowerFlex tapered leader 9’ long is how I typically fish it but I will add a 10’ Airflo Trout Polyleader to help get that fly down in the water column if needed.  Give this one a try and see how it work for you!

Fly Recipe

Hook:  Mustad R75-79580, Size 12-8

Thread: Uni Thread 6/0, Olive Dun

Bead: Orange Silver Lined Glass Bead

Tail: Hareline Grizzly Marabou, Olive

Body: Hareline Krystal flash Chenille, Olive

Hackle: OfishL Metz #2 Saddle Pack, Orange

Don't tie your own flies? Don't worry! We've got the Godfather’s Pumpkin Head in stock and ready for purchase down at the shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by the shop at #110 1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

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  • by vernon s jarvie norvern07

    hi how many maribou feathers do you put in the tail , next time i out fishing i will try your fly ,.. do you use a loop knot to tie on fly and flourcarbon for last two feet to make fly invisible to fish . have tried fire orange thread at head and under tail , works good . check it under a black light to see how it lights up , tight line , vern ps try a canoe man loop knot , makes fly really move , find on you tube

  • by Mike Brown

    Is the Godfather John Kent’s alias?

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