Simple Simi Seal Scud Fly Tying Video and Recipe

Simple Simi Seal Scud Fly Tying Video and Recipe

This is a simple but very effective scud pattern that is a staple in my Stillwater box from ice-off until the water hardens back up with Spring and Fall being the “peak times”. This fly has busted slumps in the summer for me and what it lacks in detail it makes up for in effectiveness.

This can be tied on tiny hooks to imitate those itty bitty Hyalella Shrimp all the way up to a size 8 to imitate the Gammarus Shrimp that most of you will be familiar with in our interior lakes.

I tie this on a straight shank hook to fish on the retrieve or even troll as scuds “straighten out” when they are swimming through the water. I’ll also fish it on a curved Scud hook to hang it under an indicator (just like I would fish a chironomid) as they” curl up” when they stop swimming.

I typically start with this fly on an intermediate sinking line with the Rio Aqualux II Full Sinking Fly Line being my personal favourite. If the fish are feeding in deeper water, I may end up with it on a type 5 full sink.  I like a slow hand twist retrieve or really slow short 3 to 4-inch-long strips (think slow as these guys don’t move fast!)

If you haven't had much success with a scud in the past or are just looking to add something new to the box,  I would highly recommend adding this to your arsenal. I think you will quickly find out why I like this pattern so much. Good luck!

Tied by Casey Giesbrecht

Simple Simi Seal Scud Fly Recipe

Hook: Mustad S80-3906 Size 12

Thread: Uni-Thread Rusty Dun 8/0

Body: Arizona Semi Seal, Gray Olive

Weight: Wapsi .015 Lead Wire

Shell Back: Hareline Scud Back 1/8” Clear with two strands of Pearl Flashabou underneath

Rib: Dragonfly Mono fishing line 6-8lb

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