Olive Silver/Black Rib Chironomid Fly Tying Video

Olive Silver/Black Rib Chironomid Fly Tying Video

A well-stocked chironomid box is a great thing to have coming into the Stillwater season. This gives you the best possible chance to “match the hatch” while out on the lakes. Watching that indicator dip under the surface as another hungry trout hits your fly as it is suspended in the water column never gets old! If you take a throat sample of one of your fish and you see some gas filled olive pupa, this would be a great fly option to tie on!

Fly Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1760, Size 12

Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, 70D, Brown

Bead: Pro-Tyer, 3/32”, Metallic Brown

Gills: Uni Stretch, White

Body: Lagartun French Mini Flat Braid, Olive

First Rib: Hedron Flashabou, Siver

Second Rib: UTC Ultra Wire, Small, Black

UV Cure: Raidzap Super Thin

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Good luck on the water.

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