Balanced Leech Fly Tying Recipe

Balanced Leech Fly Tying Recipe

A well-presented balanced leech is a great pattern to fish right after ice-off. With trout cruising the shallows in search of a meal, a leech suspended under an indicator can be deadly. As the season wears on, this is still a fantastic option to fish, even if it is just for an opportunity to land a fish and get a throat sample. Give this pattern a try, I’m sure it will become a staple in your box!

Balanced Leech

Hook: Aqua Talon 90 Degree Jig Hook, Size 10

Bead: Pro Tyer Tru-Fit Tungsten, 3/32, Fluorescent Orange

Thread: Uni Thread 6/0, Black

Tail: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Black, Ice Blue Pearl Flashabou

Body: Arizona Semi Seal, Black Blue

Place your hook in your vice and attach your tying thread. Then slide your bead on to a stainless sewing pin or finishing nail and tie it down to the hook shank leaving about ¼” between the eye of the hook and the bead.

  • Tie in a small clump of Black Marabou to form a tail and flank it with two strands of Flashabou down each side.
  • Dub a thin body of Arizona simi seal all the way up to the bead.
  • Whip finish your thread behind the bead, pick out the dubbing with a dubbing teaser or bodkin and cement the head.

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Good luck on the water.

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