Mop Fly Tying Video and Recipe

Mop Fly Tying Video and Recipe

The Mop Fly has been around for a while now and it has gained a reputation as a “fish Catcher”. In some circles it is looked down on and thrown in the same category as the Squirmy Wormy or the Boobie, but in the end are we not all just trying to catch fish?  Whether stillwaters are your thing or you prefer to fish rivers and streams, this is a pattern you will find to be quite effective. Make a little space in your box for a few.

Mop Fly Tying Recipe

Hook:  Ahrex FW 541, Size 12

Thread: Uni Thread, 6/0, Olive Dun

Bead: OfishL Brass Beads, 7/64, Metallic Coffee

Tail: Hareline UV Galaxy Mop Chenille, Olive Brown

Thorax: Arizona Diamond Dub, Dark Hares Ear


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Good luck on the water.

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