Jigged Sculpin Fly Tying Video

Jigged Sculpin Fly Tying Video

Sculpins are on the menu of many a trout and char, more often than many anglers realize. A pattern like this is a great option to mimic this prey. This pattern can be swung behind a sink tip in your favourite run or stripped through a deep slow pool to entice a bite from the depths. I will tie this to my leader with a loop knot to get the most movement out of this pattern, in the hopes of triggering an aggressive take. Olive is my favourite colour to this this but white, black, tan and brown are all great additions to your fly box.

Fly Tying Recipe

Rear Hook:  Ahrex HR431, Size 4

Shank: Spawn 60-degree shank, 20mm

Bead: Wapsi Slotted Tungsten Bead, 3/16” Copper

Thread: UTC 140d, Light Olive

Tail: Wapsi Grizzly Marabou, Olive and Hedron Shimmerbou Copper

Body: Arizona Diamond Dub, Olive  

Hackle: Wapsi Palmer Chenille, Brown, Small

Legs: Wapsi Sili Legs, Olive/Orange Tip

Wing: Wapsi Grizzly Marabou, Olive and  Hedron Shimmerbou Copper

Collar:  Natures Spirit Grizzly Variant Schlappen, Olive

Fly Tying Video

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Good luck on the water.

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