Mikulak Sedge Fly Tying Video

Mikulak Sedge Fly Tying Video

Traveller Sedges are a big meal for our interior trout and when they start to skitter across the water they get noticed! The takes can be incredible, and you don’t want to be watching the show unprepared. The Mikulak Sedge is my go-to pattern when these bugs are hatching. Be prepared for hard hitting aggressive strikes and hold on tight because this can be an awesome event!

Mikulak Sedge Fly Recipe

Hook: Ahrex FW531, Size 8

Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, 140d, Light Olive

Tail/Wing: Wapsi Deer Body Hair, Natural Brown

Body: Wapsi Super Fine Dubbing, Blue Winged Olive

Hackle: Wapsi Dry Fly Neck Hackle Mini Pack, Small, Brown

Fly Tying Video

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Good luck on the water.

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