Flipped Blue Flash Rolled Muddler Coho Salmon Fly Recipe

Flipped Blue Flash Rolled Muddler Coho Salmon Fly Recipe

The Flipped Rolled Muddler was originally given to me by Peter C. of the Osprey Fly Fishers. Peter told me it worked great for coho salmon in the Harrison River and because of the way it’s tied it wouldn’t snag dog salmon like the conventional rolled muddler.

The bead chain eyes on the top of the hook sank flip the fly over so it rides with the hook point on the top. In my hands this fly has proved itself a great success for coho in a variety of rivers and estuaries. The cutthroat love it too!

Flipped Blue Flash Rolled Muddler Recipe

Hook: Mustad R74 #6
Thread: UTC 140 Black
Tail: Flashabou Electric Blue and Mallard Flank Natural
Body: Sparkle Braid Silver
Wing #1: Flashabou Electric Blue and Mallard Flank Natural
Wing #2: Deer Body Hair Natural
Head: Deer Body Hair Natural
Bead Chain: Medium Silver

Tying Steps

All materials required to tie this fly are available at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle. Mail order is available. If you’d like more info please give us a call at 604-931-5044 or send an email to


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