Dean’s 3 AM Intruder Fly Recipe

Dean’s 3 AM Intruder Fly Recipe

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle Weekly Fly Recipe

The “3 AM Intruder” recipe:

Hook: Senyos’s articulated shank 40mm (blue)
Dumbbell eyes: Hour glass eyes gold size medium
Trailer hook: Size 1/0 or 1 Thread: 140 utc (orange)
Trailer material: Senyos standard trailer hook wire (blue)
Tail: Pink schlappen
Tail: Pink lady amherst
Tail: Pink & white ostrich or rhea
Ribbing: Medium wire (orange)
Body: Ice dub U.V. pink
Wing: Shrimp pink schlappen
Wing: White & pink ostrich or rhea
Wing: Pink lady amherst
Wing: Senyos predator wrap pink
Wing: Pink grizzly hackle #2
Head Cement: Hard as hull


No Float Deano original


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