Fall Salmon Fishing

Fall Salmon Fishing

Fall is salmon fishing season and here are a few “how-to” blog posts to get you going…

Fly Fishing for Coho in Freshwater 101

We will look first at pursuing coho in freshwater with a fly rod and next week take a look at gear fishing methods. Fly rods for salmon fishing in freshwater are typically 9-10ft long in the single handed variety, 10’6-11’6 in the switch and 12’6-13’6 in a spey rod…Read More

Gear Fishing for Coho in Freshwater 101

This blog post focuses on the pursuit of Coho Salmon in freshwater with gear fishing tackle. Coho in freshwater can be funny creatures, when they’re feeding in the open ocean it usually seems like one could throw anything at them and they’ll bite. The same can be said in freshwater some days, but the majority of days you will really have to work and throw different things at them to determine what the preference of the day is…Read More

Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing 101

All hail the Ivory King! The Chinook Salmon that is… Otherwise known as a Chinook, Spring Salmon or King Salmon, these fish are extremely fun to fish for in our local rivers as they can be very aggressive, and love to give you a good run for your money. Chinook Salmon are the largest of the 5 Pacific Salmon Species, and that being said they put up a good battle…Read More

Vedder-Chilliwack River Fall Salmon Fishery

The Vedder/Chilliwack River is one of BC’s top producing salmon fisheries. Located just over 1 hour East of Vancouver, this system offers endless kilometers of easily accessible river front, suitable for all levels of fishing. Anglers of all techniques (and we mean getting fish to bite your presentation) can fish on this system and be highly successful as it offers various water types…Read More

Chum Salmon Fishing 101

The Dog Salmon, the Tiger Salmon, and the Sabre-Toothed Salmon! Yes, they are all names for Chum Salmon. While many anglers specifically targeting Coho think of Chum as a nuisance, they are actually a very underrated game fish for our waters, but you have to get them in prime condition and during the proper time of year. These fish are not only big, but put up a good strong battle in most scenarios…Read More

Introduction to Centrepin Reels

Also known as the single action reel, this is a free spooling/hand controlled reel that is used here in British Columbia for float fishing our rivers and streams for Salmon and Steelhead. In 1894, centrepin Reels were first documented and introduced by Samuel Allcocks in the UK. From the UK to North America, centrepins have evolved into a major tool for float fisherman…Read More

If you have any questions about these fisheries please give us a call 604-931-5044 or email us or stop by the shop at #110-1140 Austin Avenue Coquitlam.

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