Casey’s Confidence Handler Interior Trout Chironomid Pattern

Casey’s Confidence Handler Interior Trout Chironomid Pattern

Fly Recipe


  • Tiemco 2302 hook size to suit (10-16) size
  • Copper tungsten bead
  • 10/0 rusty brown Veevus thread
  • Cooper wire rib
  • Root beer Krinkle Flash under body
  • Root beer buzzer wrap over body
  • Peacock herl thorax

Fly Tying Instructions:

Pinch your barb, place your bead on the hook (I put the big hole towards the eye to make room for the gills) tie in your white poly yarn and whip finish your thread.

Reattach your thread then tie in your wire, buzzer wrap and your krinkle flash in that order. Build up a thread under body to give your fly a proper profile.

First wrap the krinkle flash forward followed by the buzzer wrap then counter rib with the copper wire.

Tie in a your peacock herl, make a small thorax, tie off whip finish your thread and trim the poly yarn. Fish it with confidence.


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