The “Moon Butt Limey” Chironomid Fly Recipe

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The “Moon Butt Limey” Chironomid Fly Recipe

We all know that green can be a fantastic colour for a chironomid, but how about we brighten things up a bit with some brighter contrasts all throughout the body. Well, that’s why I designed this pattern! A lot of standard chironomids are dull in contrast (which is not a bad thing because this is what they like to bite), but there are also a lot of attractor patterns that can be extremely successful due to their similar silhouette of a real fly. This one has all of the characteristics of your standard chironomid, but with a bright green twist! Tied by Cody Sojka.



  1. Place the bead on the hook and lay a base of thread down building up the shape of a chironomid taper
  2. Tie in a section of UTC wire and UTC holo tinsel.
  3. Wrap a butt section of your holo tinsel making sure it is only a very small butt section and tie it off.
  4. Taking 3 strands of Flashabou, tie them in across the hook down to the end of the holo tinsel.
  5. Begin to wrap your strands of Flashabou tight and close together up to the bead, and tie it off.
  6. Take your UTC wire, and wrap it evenly spaced up your hook to the bead and tie it off.
  7. Tie off your knot, and apply a thin layer of Zap-A-Gap.
  8. What are you waiting for, go catch some fish!

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  • by Len B.

    Very convincing fly. Thanks for sharing it, Cody. I look forward to tying a few.

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