Ric Flare Dip Sea-Run Bull Trout Fly Recipe

Ric Flare Dip Sea-Run Bull Trout Fly Recipe

Designed to show off on the river well looking good. The Ric Flare Dip is over the top when swinging down and dirty for sea run bull trout. Fish it on a sink tip line, hold on tight and get ready to party!

Fly Recipe

Hook:  Owner 1/0 Jig Hook # 5316-11
Eyes:  Medium Lead Dumbbell Eyes – Pearl
Thread:  UTC 140 White
Tail: Fl. White Spey Blood Quill Marabou
Flash: Flashabou – 6991 Silver Holographic 50/50 with 6904 Ice Blue Pearl or 6990                   Body: UV Silver Polar Chenille
Legs: Aqua Glow Crazy Legs
Collar: White Schlappen

Tying Instructions

Lay a thread base on the hook from the eye to the start of the bend of the hook, this will help stop your Marabou tail from spinning on the hook. Tie in the eyes, check they are level and straight and glue them in place.

Prep two large Fl. White Marabou Plums by cutting the stems back about 1 1/2 inches from the tips, you want the tail to move freely and not be stiff. Tie one in on each side of the hook checking to be sure they are the same length and none of the stem extends into the tail section and make the length 1 1/2 times the hook shank.

Now attach 10-12 strands of flashabou on the top of the fly. Tie it in the middle, double it over and V it out to each side. Turn the fly over and do the same thing on the bottom.

Tie in the body material and wrap forward to the eyes with touching wraps stroking the     fibers back as you do so.  Now take three legs and tie them in the middle just behind the eyes so they stick out to each side. Trim them all to the same length.

Tie in your Schlappen for the collar by the tip and take about 4-5 turns behind the head and then tie it off.  Before you cut off the remaining stem of the schlappen build up a slight thread head to secure it well and then trim it off and head cement with one that doesn’t affect the feathers.

Your finished fly ready to go fishing.

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