Cody’s First Cast Felon Fly Recipe

Cody’s First Cast Felon Fly Recipe

Quite simple, and very effective – The pattern Cody’s First Cast Felon was named for good reason! This is a Steelhead pattern Cody had tied originally for Summer fish, but has proven to also be in the winning category for Winter fish as well. The name “First Cast” was given to this fly after many “first cast of the day” hookups with this fly. This particular fly has landed Cody some of his biggest Steelhead (both Summer and Winter Run fish) on rivers up and down British Columbia’s coast.

A word from Cody for tying and fishing this fly:

“This has been one of my favourite dark contrast patterns to use for Steelhead in many different systems. A take after the traditional egg sucking leech, I have incorporated contrasts of black, blue, purple, pink and yes, even green. I often fish this fly without adding weight, but it certainly can be tied with light dumbbell eyes or a conehead in replacement of the coloured chenille egg head. One can also tie this fly with an orange egg at the front, but I think the contrasts of the above colours go best with a hot pink head.”

Fly Recipe

Hook / Shank: 2/0 Mustad SL53UBL Salmon Single STD/3XL
Trailer Wire + Hook: Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Wire
Butt: Senyo’s Fusion Dub (Muppet Purple)
Butt Collar: Electric Purple + Kingfisher Blue Schlappen
Body: Flashabou (Purple – 6913)
Rib: Flashabou (Green – 6994) + (Blue – 6976)
Wire: Small (Red)
Under Wing: Senyo’s Fusion Dub (Muppet Purple)
Wings: Select Rhea *palmer together* (Black + Blue)
Flash: Flashabou (Green – 6994) + (Blue – 6976)
Head: Chenille (Small) (Hot Pink)

Tying Steps


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