How to Tie a Float Fishing Jig for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

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How to Tie a Float Fishing Jig for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Drifting a jig under your float is a very effective presentation and one that is a definite “must add” to your angling arsenal!

A float fishing jig can be made in any colour combination that you like. I prefer to use contrasting colours when I am tying mine. This simple jig can be “dressed up” with a rubber curly tail, steelhead worm, bait bag or even a chunk of prawn hanging from the hook.

Adding some water based Pro-Cure scent is also extremely effective. Make sure you avoid using oil-based scents because they will make the materials stick together, preventing the natural movement of the materials in the water. Give the float fishing jig a try. We think you will like the results!

Material list

Hook: Complete Angler Painted Jig Head ¼", JB Purple

Thread: Uni Thread 6/0, Black. If you prefer something heavier use UTC Ultra Thread 140d, Black

Body: Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Black followed by OfishL Two-Toned Cross Cut Rabbit 

Rubber Hoochie Legs: Yamashita Gold Star UV Glow Stripe

Collar: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Schlappen, Purple

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by 

Sea-Run Fly & Tackle at #110 1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

Good luck on the water.

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1 comment

  • by Len Berggren

    Very interesting lure and very well explained. (I like recipes that don’t call for 10 different types of materials.)

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