Freight Train COHO Bouncer Fly Recipe

Freight Train COHO Bouncer Fly Recipe

The name says it all!

A must for Fall Coho fly fishing whether you are single handing or switching it up! This tough little blue beauty will cause a rumble on the river with every cast.

Try a slow retrieving in deep, slow moving pools or swinging the FTCB.

Coho can’t resist the Freight Train Coho Bouncer!

Freight Train COHO Bouncer Fly Recipe

Hook – Tiemco U401 Size #6
Bead – Flymen Nymph Head Steelhead Blue Size 1/8 or 3.2mm
Thread – UTC 70 Peacock Blue
Tail – Blood Quill marabou and Blue Peacock
Tail flash – Cascade New Age Krinkle Flash Winter Run Blue
Body – New Age Chenille Winter Run Blue

Tying Instructions

All materials required to tie this fly are available at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle. Don't tie? No problem! These flies can be custom ordered. Don’t forget to “Like” this fly recipe on Facebook. If you have any questions about this fly, feel free to comment below or send us an email at or call us at the shop 604-931-5044.

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