Damien’s Black and Blue Steelhead Slayer

Damien’s Black and Blue Steelhead Slayer

We all know Steelhead love the black and blue! Now, it’s all a matter of how you marry your black and blue that will determine your success. I love fishing this fly in low clear water with a slow swing. I decided to substitute black elk hair for the body instead of marabou because it’s lighter and doesn’t absorb as much water. I like to try to keep my flies sparse and light for a quick and easy pick up when casting. Keeping your flies light can help you make quick difficult casts in places where space is limited. Try experimenting with different types of materials. This can create more contrast and change the action of the fly in the water.

By Damien B.

By Damien B.

Fly Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu size 4 red
Shanks : partridge waddington 20mm or 25mm
Trailer: senyo’s intruder trailer hook wire black
Thread: UTC 140 peacock blue


1. sparkle braid, royal blue

2. Ultra wire small – gold


3. flashabou, electric blue – 6 strands
4. STS trilobal dub blue – do a small dubbing loop and wrap around the shank to build a small bump
5. black elk body hair
6. fish hunter electric blue marabou
7. Spey plume Electric Blue 6-8 strands
8. Lady amherst natural color 4-6 strands


9. pro tube imitation jungle cock small
10. neck hackle cape blue tips (2 strands) – optional ( it does give a very nice look to the intruder if you can get your hands on some


11. STS trilobal pink dub
12. Head cement
13. Hooking a steelie 🙂

All of the materials used to tie this fly are available at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. If you live out of town you can get these materials by mail order,  give us a call at 604-931-5044 or email us at


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