Coho Gurgler Fly Recipe

Coho Gurgler Fly Recipe

he Coho Gurgler is designed to imitate a wounded baitfish struggling on the surface. Use a floating rio outbound fly line with a 10’ leader, retrieve with short sharp strips along kelp beds in a boat or off the beach. The fun is in the way coho like to smash these flies, this pattern was developed by the late noted fly tyer Jack Gartside.

Coho Gurgler Fly Recipe

Hook: Mustad C70 SD Big Game 1/0
Tail bottom half: small clump of 3” polar bear
Tail top half: 8-10 strands of UV pearl flashabou
Body back: 2/3rd med. silver holo tinsel chenille
Body front: 1/3rd med. pearl palmer chenille
Back: 3mm white sheet foam cut to shape
Thread: fine mono

 The materials used to tie this fly is available at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. If you live out of town you can order these materials by mail order. Or if you would like to purchase some pre-tied flies just give us a call at 604-931-5044 or email us at


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