Andrew’s Beach Bandit Salmon Slayer Fly Recipe

Andrew’s Beach Bandit Salmon Slayer Fly Recipe

Hook: Daiichi X Point x452 [#6]
Thread: UTC 140 Fl. Pink
Eyes: Senyodelic Bead Chain [Medium] Rainbow
Tail: Ice Shimmer Fringe Hot Pink
Body: Lagartun Flat Braid Silver Holographic
Collar: Select Saddle Hackle Bubble Gum Pink
Glue: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick

*UV Flashlight needed to harden glue*

Tying Steps:
1. Place hook in vise
2. Cover hook shank with thread to the point of the hook
3. Bring thread back to just behind the eye and figure eight with the thread over the bead chain to lock it in place
4. Bring thread back down the shank to above the point of the hook
5. Tie in small clump of ice shimmer fringe about the length of the hook shank
6. Tie in Lagartun flat braid and wind it up the shank to just behind the bead chain
7. Tie in saddle hackle (first strip the right side of the feather) and wrap it 2-3 turns around shank
8. Tie off thread with finishing knot
9. Apply Loon fly finish to the finishing knot and any exposed thread over bead chain


Note: For best success keep the fly sparse, it will work better

How to fish this fly:
Fish this fly on a clear intermediate sinking line, or a floating line with an intermediate sinking tip. Use this fly for pink, coho, chinook salmon and cutthroat trout from any beach or estuary.

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