Casey’s Stillwater Searcher Fly Tying Video

Casey’s Stillwater Searcher Fly Tying Video

This is my favourite pattern to use when I am trying to figure out “what’s working” on a particular lake. It’s a variation of a Carey Special, but I tie it with more of a leech in mind with a thin profile. It’s an incredibly simple pattern that only uses two materials, but don’t let its simplicity take away from the fact that this is a very effective fly. 

Stillwater Searcher

Fly Recipe

Hook: Ahrex FW581, Size 6

Thread: Uni Thread, 6/0., Olive Dun

Body:  Wapsi Leech Yarn, Dark Brown

Hackle: OfishL Strung Pheasant Rump, Olive

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Good luck on the water.

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