Boobie Fly Recipe

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Boobie Fly Recipe

I was beyond disappointed when a nice fat, healthy Rainbow Trout at Stoney Lake ate my Boobie on the second cast. 

I knew they worked but I just didn’t want it to. What self-respecting trout would eat this big-eyed, brightly-coloured abomination? It looks nothing like a bug. Fish don’t seem to care as they take them so aggressively. If you aren't quick on the hookset, it can be gone down the hatch before you know it.

The Boobie is commonly fished on a fast-sinking fly line with a short 4’ leader. Quick short strips will usually trigger a strike. They have saved the day more than once for more than one angler, when nothing else was working.

You can make a Boobie in any colour combination that you like and the choice of materials used to tie them is endless. Fritz for bodies and marabou tails are the most common we see here at the shop. The “Tequila Boobie” has many variations and is our top seller. It was the one that worked for me that day on Stoney. See the recipe and tying instructions below.

Casey Giesbrecht

Fly Tying Recipe

Hook:  Mustad 3906-B Size 10

Thread:  Uni Thread 6/0 Orange

Eyes:  Rainy’s White Foam Boobie Round Eyes White, Medium or if you want to cut your own Have Rod Will Fish Float Foam 5mm

Tail: Wapsi Wooly Bugger Marabou, Yellow

Body:  The Alchemists Tying Range UV Blob Fritz 10mm Fire Orange

The Boobie

Tying Instructions

Step 1. Place your hook securely in the vice and tie in your thread.

Step 2. Tie in your Foam eyes at the front of the hook securing with figure 8 wraps.

Step 3.  After securing the eyes to the hook, wrap your thread back and tie in your marabou tail.

Step 4. Tie in your Fritz and wrap it forward to the eyes, wrapping around the tie-in point of the eyes, covering the thread wraps.

Step 5. Whip finish at the eye, cut your thread and secure with head cement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by Sea-Run Fly & Tackle at #110-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

Good luck on the water.

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1 comment

  • by Zoltan

    Yup. Had the same takes on that Boobie. They hit so hard and swallow deep. I’ve had to donate a few to the fish! Gotta have some in your spring fly box.

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