Andrew’s Silver Holographic Needle Fish

Andrew’s Silver Holographic Needle Fish

It was very early in the AM and the ocean had just setup a perfect tide line in front of me. All I could hope for now was the salmon would get pushed in with the tide line in hopes of finding the baitfish (needlefish and herring) to feed on. I cast my clear intermediate slime line and silver holographic needle fish pattern directly into the tide line and let it slowly sink for 5 seconds. Then gave the line a few long slow strips and then YANK! “There’s one I shouted” as a the head of a chrome bar shone not far under the surface before it turned and ran for the middle of the ocean.


Andrew’s Silver Holographic Needle Fish Fly Recipe

Hook: Mustad S74 SNP-DT #6-1
Thread: UTC 140 Dark Grey
Tail 1: Grey polar bear
Tail 2: Polar flash silver
Tail 3: Black polar bear
Tail 4: Mylar piping medium silver holographic
Body: Lagartun French Mini Braid Holographic Silver
Eyes: Pro Cool Eyes 5mm rainbow
Glue: Loon UV clear fly finish thick
Light: Loon UV power light

Andrew’s Silver Holographic Needle Fish works magic on coho and chinook. Salmon feeding on baitfish in shallow or deep ocean water. Best fished with a slow/medium or fast/extra fast sinking line and retrieved with a long slow strip.


All materials required to tie this fly are available at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle. Don’t forget to “Like” this fly recipe on Facebook. If you have any questions about this fly feel free to contact Andrew Redmont at or at the shop by calling 604-931-5044.


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