Andrew’s Glowing Pink Orb

Andrew’s Glowing Pink Orb

Fly Recipe

Hook: Umpqua U-Series #U401 #6
Thread: UTC 140 Fl. Pink
Tail 1: UV2 Pink Marabou
Eyes: Senyodellic Pink Bead Chain medium
Tail 2: Mirage Holographic Opal, Glow in the Dark Pink Flashabou Accent
Body: Medium UV Fl. Fuchsia Polar Chenille and Small Fl. Pink palmer chenille twisted together
Glue: Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish Thick Curing Resin
Tools: Stonfo Morsetto FlyLab Base Fly Tying Vise, Dr. Slick Titanium Bobbin, Dr. Slick Razor Scissors, Loon UV Infiniti Light

All of the materials are available at the shop. Mail order available.

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Add this Pink Salmon fly to your arsenal and rule the beach… 

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Tight Loops,

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