Weekly Fly Recipe: The Pink and Purple Polar Bear Coho Punisher

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Weekly Fly Recipe: The Pink and Purple Polar Bear Coho Punisher

The Pink and Purple Polar Bear Punisher is a big water Coho salmon fly designed for big rivers, dark water and dark days! This pattern has proven to be very successful on rivers such as the Squamish, Vedder, Skeena and Kitimat. This fly was originally designed as a variation of the famous Pink and Purple bucktail, a top producer for saltwater Coho. The large fluorescent pink head stands out in dark water and the mirror UV flash is unbelievably bright. The polar bear hair provides a great natural shine and overall profile that makes it irresistible to large Coho. You can fish this fly on a sink-tip and swing and slow strip retrieve. Try experimenting with different sink-tip densities until you get your fly in the “zone”. See more fly tying recipes here:

All materials required to tie the Pink and Purple Polar Punisher is available at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. 

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The Pink and Purple Polar Bear Coho Punisher Fly Recipe

Hook: TMC9394 fly hooks #2-6
Thread: UTC 140 fl. pink
Tail: Blue grizzly saddle hackle fibres with 2 strands of pink and 2 strands of purple mirror flash
Rear Collar: Medium UV silver polar chenille
Body: Fl. pink diamond braid
Front Collar: Medium UV silver polar chenille
Wing: #1 Pink polar bear hair, #2 4 strands of pink and 4 strands of purple mirror flash. #3 purple polar bear hair
Hackle Collar: Blue grizzly saddle hackle (long wide fibres) tied in the butt 1st with the fibres on the right side stripped off
Head: Fl Pink UTC 140 Thread
Glue: Loon UV fly finish or Hard as Hull


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    would searun fly & tackle be able to send me the material needed to tie this fly >

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