Weekly Fly Recipe: The Green Fox Coho Crusher

Weekly Fly Recipe: The Green Fox Coho Crusher

Coho Beware!!!

Originally designed by Andrew Redmont for Harrison river coho salmon, this fly has proven to be successful for coho salmon all around BC in both fresh and saltwater.

The Green Fox is most successfully fished using a clear intermediate sink tip or full sinking line with 12lb RIO fluorocarbon leader and a slow but steady retrieve. Hang on tight because coho bite the Green Fox with fierce aggression!!

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Hook: Tiemco TMC811S Saltwater Fly Tying Hooks Stainless TMC811s #8-4
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 140 Fl. Green
Tail: Larva Lace Pearl/Green Angel Hair
Under Body: Lagartun Silver Holographic Flat Tinsel
Body: Fl. Green Edge Bright
Wing: Chartreuse Arctic Fox Fur
Collar: Grizzly Chartreuse Saddle Hackle (sparse)
Cone: Small to Medium Silver Cone
Eye: 1/8″ Mirage Hologram Eye
Glue: Loon UV Fly Finish

All of the materials required to tie the Green Fox are available at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle. Give us a call at 604-931-5044, email at or stop by the shop at #110-1140 Austin Avenue. Mail order is also available.

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