Weekly Fly Recipe: Pro Tube Black and Blue Bunny

Weekly Fly Recipe: Pro Tube Black and Blue Bunny

Steelhead love black and blue! I used to tie this fly on a shank but found a that a tube is a much cleaner tie. One of the biggest advantages of using tubes is that you can build lighter and bigger flies that are easier to cast. The ventilated cone from Pro Tube allows for water to flow through and around the fly which gives the bunny and marabou more action.

– Pro Tube Flexi Tube 40mm Blue
– Lagartuns Flat Braid Tinsel Copper
– Fish Hunter Blood Quill Marabou Royal Blue
– Black Rabbit Zonker Strip
– Electric Blue Flashabou 8 to 10 Strands
– Pro Tube Cyan Blue Jungle Cock Eyes
– Pro Tube Ultra Sonic Disc
– Owner Cutting point #1 Hook



The materials used to tie this fly is available at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. If you live out of town you can order these materials by mail order, just give us a call at 604-931-5044 or email us at


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