Weekly Fly Recipe: Blue Demon Coho Fly

Weekly Fly Recipe: Blue Demon Coho Fly

The Blue Demon is an excellent all-purpose salmon fly that is effective in both fresh and saltwater. This pattern has produced exceptional results for aggressive fall Coho in local rivers and estuaries. Give the Blue Demon a try today! It just might be the fly that lands you a trophy salmon.


I first tied the Blue Demon Salmon Fly after spending a productive day on the Harrison River chasing Coho Salmon. The fly of choice that day was the Kelsey’s Hope, a famous local salmon fly designed by Nick Didlick.

Being a creative fly tyer, I went home and spent and evening re-inventing the Kelsey’s Hope. I decided to add silver polar flash in the tail and wing for more flash and silver cone head for weight and action.

My next outing was on the lower Vedder, the Coho were in and the holding in a couple of long slow flowing runs that were also being used by Pinks. I fished the Blue Demon on a floating line with a 10′ intermediate sink-tip and a 3′ fluorocarbon leader, using a swing and strip retrieve. By 11 am I had beached 6 Coho, 2 Jack Springs and at least a dozen Pinks that were all caught on the Blue Demon fly.

Tight Lines
– Andrew

The Blue Demon Salmon Fly Recipe

Thread: UTC 140 Black
Hook: TMC 5263 #8-4
Cone: Wapsi Silver Cone XS-S
Tail: Polar Flash Silver
Underbody: Uni Flat Tinsel Peacock Large
Body: Vinyl Rib Clear Midge
Under Wing: Polar Flash Silver
Wing: Dark Blue over Dark Green Bucktail
Head: Hareline Ice Dubbing Blue Steel

All materials required to tie the Blue Demon Salmon Fly is available at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. Mail order available for people who live out of town!

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