Tilly’s Galley Product Review

Tilly’s Galley Product Review

In this Tilly’s Galley review we are going to go over products we carry and why we like them. Tilly’s Galley is ringing the dinner bell at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle and you’ll want to hustle up to the table to enjoy! 

When we received a phone call last year from the Galley asking if we were interested in carrying their products, naturally the first thing we did was to go to their website to check them out. One thing that stood out was the fact that basically every review was a 5 star review and there were a lot of reviews. Another thing that stood out was they were a locally owned company located in Campbell River. This led us to placing an order and are we ever glad that we did.

Tilly's Galley Product Review

Tilly’s Galley Meals Review

Tilly’s Galley rice and soup mixes are a 100% natural, GMO free and gluten free, they contain no dairy, soy, nuts, meat, eggs, corn, or MSG making for a nice fast healthy meal.  

All of these products can either be enjoyed on their own or have fish, chicken, shellfish or meat added in.  In addition to being absolutely delicious the price is phenomenal at only $5.98 for the soup mixes and $6.98 for the rice. It’s an incredible value especially given the fact that they can feed up to four or even five people. 

We currently carry four of the rice mixes and we give all four a big thumbs up. We have the Fiesta Rice Mix, Curry Rice Mix, Thai Fried Rice Mix and the Cajun Jambalaya. The soup mixes are equally as delicious, we have the Manhattan Chowder Mix, Fresh Catch Chowder, Potato Leek Soup and the Moroccan Lentil and Rice.

Tilly’s Galley meals can turn what can potentially be an almost all-day affair of soup prep into a fast very satisfying bowlful of goodness. 

Tilly’s Galley Spices Review

While we have highlighted Tilly’s Galley meals, we must not forget about their spices which are also lights out good and highly recommend giving them a try. We offer the Curry Spice, Thai Lime & Ginger, Galley Herb, Lemon Pepper, Lemon Dill and a Louisiana Cajun Spice

We are always well stocked on Tilly’s Galley products, come by the shop and pick some up or order online, we know you’ll be impressed. Thank you for reading our Tilly's Galley review.


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