Scientific Anglers MPX Floating Fly Line Review

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Scientific Anglers MPX Floating Fly Line Review

In this Scientific Anglers MPX Fly Line review we will discuss why we think this should be your next fly line purchase. Scientific Anglers classifies the MPX taper as “the ultimate general presentation taper” and we fully endorse their statement. 

The MPX taper is one of the first lines we gravitate towards when someone needs to purchase a new floating line as it seems to bring nothing but happiness to the new owner.  The MPX has an overall head length of 31.5’ for the WF3 and up to 43.5’ in the WF9.

The line is weighted a half line size heavier than the industry standard weight rating, making it a good choice for loading up fast-action fly rods and turning over large or heavily weighted flies. 

We stock the MPX taper in two different series of fly lines, the Amplitude and the Mastery series.

Scientific Anglers MPX Fly Line Review

The Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX Floating Fly Line series is the less expensive of the two options but make no mistake, this is still a top end, top quality line fly line. The Mastery MPX Fly Line utilizes Scientific Anglers Advanced Shooting Technology (AST). This patented technology keeps the line slick, making it shoot further as it sails through the guides easily.

Not only does this technology keep lines slick, it also helps to repel dirt, algae and other “junk” that may be on the water. This also helps to increase the longevity of a fly line. 

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Floating Fly Line series of the MPX kicks it up a notch from the Mastery version using AST Plus technology.  AST Plus is a new formulation of the original AST coating and some of the specs on this coating are quite impressive. The AST Plus is 50% more slick than the regular AST coating and over 120% longer-lasting than other lines tested by Scientific Anglers. Check out our complete selection of Scientific Anglers Fly Lines.

The AST Plus is not just a coating that can wear off, it’s part of the line’s construction so even as a line wears, the coating remains and functions as if the line was brand new. You have to love technology!

The Amplitude series is also slightly textured. This aids the line in floating higher on the water and reduces the friction on the rod guides. Combine all of this with the AST Plus and you better make sure your wading boots are laced up tight because when you cast this line it could pull you right out of them!

Both the Mastery and the Amplitude MPX lines are looped at both ends for fast leader changes and quick installation on the reel. The lines are also marked with line size and type on the line so no more confusion as to which lines are which weight.

In summary, the Scientific Anglers MPX taper casts like a dream, floats high and is nice and durable so what’s not to like? We hope you enjoyed our Scientific Anglers MPX Fly Line Review.

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