The Thurston Thrasher Steelhead Fly Recipe and Video

The Thurston Thrasher Steelhead Fly Recipe and Video

The Thurston Thrasher is the type of pattern I like to use to fish for steelhead as the materials have lots of movement and it can easily be altered to suit your needs. I find a fly like this easier to fish on a two-handed rod for ease of casting, but it is manageable on a single-handed rod, especially in an unweighted version of this pattern. You can weight this fly if you wish with some dumbbell eyes and tie it as heavy or as sparse as you like and adjust the colours to your liking. A few different colours in a pattern like this can cover you for a wide variety of situations and species. I like to tie this in a black and blue combination as well as purple and pink to compliment the combination in the video. Chuck it out slightly down stream, throw a mend to help it get down and wait for the grab!


Thurston Thrasher Steelhead Fly Recipe

Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, 140D, Fl Shell Pink

Shank:  Senyo’s Articulated Shank, 40mm, Black

Hook:  Gamakatsu Octopus Hook, Size 1

Trailer Line:  30lb Fireline, Smoke, doubled

Tag: Haireline Ice Dub, Fl Shell Pink

Tail: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Schlappen, Fl Hot Pink

Body:  Lagartun Flat Braid, Silver Holo

Rib: UTC ultra wire, Silver, BR

Hackle: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Fl. Steelhead Orange

Body: The Alchemists Tying range 10mm UV Blob Fritz 2-tone sunburst

Collar: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Fl Light Pink

Wing: Hareline Extra select Craft fur, Fl Orange

Over Wing: Cascade Krinkle Mirror, Flash Hot Orange

Thurston Thrasher Fly


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