FNF Jelly Blog Fly Tying Video and Recipe

FNF Jelly Blog Fly Tying Video and Recipe

FnF Jelly is a great line of materials and one of the more popular patterns you can tie with it is a blob. Blobs really shine in Stillwater applications because they do a phenomenal job of imitating zooplankton, particularly daphnia. It can be very frustrating when the fish are keyed in on daphnia if you don't have a blob on the end of your line. There are many ways to fish a blob that can be effective, but I prefer to fish mine as I would a chironomid, either hanging it under an indicator or fishing it on a full sinking line as if I was deep-line chironomid fishing. Give this pattern a try and let your imagination run wild with the colour combinations. They can really save the day! 

Fly Recipe

Hook: Ahrex FW 581 Wet Fly Hook, Size 8

Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, 70D, Fl Shell Pink

Bead: Wapsi Cyclops Bead Fl. Chartreuse, 1/8”

Tail: Cascade Krinkle Mirror Flash, Pearlescent

Rear Body: FNF Two Tone Jelly, Zest on Pink

Front Body: FNF Jelly, Prawn

Fly Tying Video


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