Skagit River Trout Fishing Tips

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Skagit River Trout Fishing Tips

The picture perfect Skagit River is a trout fishing hot spot between July 1st and October 31st. It is accessible by 2 wheel drive and located only 2 hours from Vancouver. The Skagit River offers anglers dry and wet fly fishing for wild rainbow trout and bull trout. In this blog post we will cover some of the flies, lures and rod combos to help you get started.

Please note that the road to access the lower river is currently closed.

 Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Setup For Bull Trout

If you are targeting bull trout then a 9’-11’ 5-7 wt fly rod with Rio versi tip fly line a 9′ 8-10lb fluorocarbon leader will do the trick.

Fly Fishing Setup for Rainbow Trout

A suitable fly fishing combo for Skagit rainbow trout consists of a 3-6wt 8-9’ fly rod with a WF (weight forward) fly line and a 9′ 5x tapered leader.

Spin Casting Setup For Bull Trout

A suitable casting setup for Bull Trout consists of a 7’ – 9’ Medium Light Power Spinning Rod with a smooth casting reel lined with 12lb Test main line.

Spin Casting for Rainbow Trout

A good casting setup for Rainbows consists of an 6’6” to 7’6” ultra light spinning rod with a smooth casting ultra light spinning reel lined with 4lb. test main line.

Best Dry Flies for Skagit River Rainbow Trout

  • Adams #10-#18
  • Tom Thumb #8-#16
  • Mosquito #10-#16
  • Elk Hair Caddis #10-#16
  • Parachute Emerger #14-#18


Best Wet Flies for Rainbow Trout

  • Bead Head rubber legged flashback hares ear nymph #8-12
  • Bead Head rubber legged flashback pheasant tail nymph #8-12
  • Birds nest nymph #8-12
  • Bead Head rubber legged stone fly nymph #8-12
  • Bead Head caddis pupa #8-16 

Lures for Rainbow Trout

Flies for Bull Trout

  • Rainbow Flash Fly #4
  • Clouser Minnow White #4
  • Double Bunny Bait Fish #4
  • Bead Head Rubber Legged Wooly Bugger White #8
  • Sculpin Intruder 3”


Lures for Bull Trout


 Don’t Forget to Bring!

The Skagit River is open to fishing from Manning Park south to the entrance of   Ross Lake July 1st – October 31st. You must release all fish (total catch and release in the Skagit River), as well as a bait ban. Don’t forget to check the freshwater fishing regulations. As always, licenses are available at the shop. Give us a call at 604-931-5044 for up to date information.

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