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Scientific Anglers produced its’ first modern fly line in Midland Michigan during 1952 and launched the Air Cel fly line in 1954, the Air Cel name is still in the Scientific Angler fly lines up today.  Needless to say with this history behind it this brand is a pillar in the fly fishing world. 

Sea-Run Fly and Tackle has been a proud Scientific Angler dealer for over 30 years, today we offer a wide variety of Scientific Anglers products that perform at the top of their respective class.  From the tropical flats to the lakes or streams Scientific Anglers will offer high performance equipment that won’t let you down.


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Some of the Scientific Anglers Fly Line Products we carry:

  • MPX Taper
  • Infinity Taper
  • Andro Nymph
  • Titan Long Taper
  • Frequency Trout Taper
  • Sonar Titan Sink Tip
  • Sonar Stillwater Sinking Lines
  • Air Cel
  • Wet Cel
  • Absolute Trout Tippet and Leader
  • Cleaning Pads and Dressing

MPX Taper Floating Line

The MPX has been one the most popular taper designs that we sell.  The MPX is designed a half line size heavier aiding in loading up the modern fast action fly rods.

The MPX taper is weighted heavier towards the front of the line helping generate a high energy powerful cast but the line still offers a delicate presentation.  We would say that the MPX is a perfect all around line.  We carry the MPX taper in the Amplitude series this utilizes Scientific Anglers AST plus slickness coating and is a slightly textured fly line.

This coating allows lines to shoot longer distances and also aids in creating a longer lasting fly line.  The MPX taper is also offered in the Mastery series of lines.  The Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX fly line series comes with a cheaper price tag compared to the Amplitudes but make no mistake these are still a top quality line, the mastery series lines are AST coated for long casts and a long life.  The MPX tapers are offered in line sizes WF3-WF9 in the Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX fly line and WF3-WF8 in the Mastery both series of lines come with welded loops on both ends.

Infinity Taper Floating Line

The Infinity taper is another line built a half line size larger for better loading of the faster action rods.  We carry the Infinity taper in the Amplitude smooth series a series designed to be the best of the best in smooth fly lines, the Infinity is AST Plus coated  it boasts up to five times less drag thru the guides compared to other lines and unmatched durability.  The Infinity taper is touted as an all-purpose line with a longer taper design compared to that of the MPX.  The Infinity taper is available in WF3-WF8.

Anadro/Nymph Taper Floating Line

While the Anadro Nymph was designed with the river angler in mind this line has also been very popular as an indicator line on the stillwaters.  The Anadro/Nymph has a long taper design with an extended rear taper making easy to mend on the rivers and helps turn over heavier flies and indicators.  We carry the Andro/Nymph in three series.  The Amplitude the top of the line, with the super slick AST Plus coating and slightly textured making casts travel great distances.  Amplitude smooths have the same AST Plus coating as the Amplitude but with a smooth finish and last and my no means least we have the Anadro/Nymph in the Mastery series which utilizes the AST coating.  The Amplitude and Amplitude Smooth are available in WF4-WF9 and the Mastery in WF5-WF9.

Titan Long Floating Line

The Titan Long is our most popular stillwater indicator line from Scientific Anglers.  The Titan Long was built two line sizes heavier so purchase this line in the weight designation for your rod no need to over line, with a taper design that was meant to turn over the biggest heaviest gaudiest of flies, if you want a line to send your indicator rig this is the line for you.  The Titan Long is available in the Amplitude Smooth series carrying a coating of the AST Plus formula for maximum distance. This line is offered in WF5-WF10.

Frequency Trout Floating Line

The Frequency Trout is our mid-priced floating line.  This line has a mid-length taper design for all around performance complete with the AST coating to ensure easy distance casting and a life span lengthier than that of the competition.  The Frequency Trout can be purchased in line sizes WF3-WF8.

Sonar Titan Sink Tip Line

The Sonar Titan line has a taper design to help make casting large flies easy which can be especially helpful for our salmon, bull trout and steelhead river fisheries.  The Sonar Sink Tip lines are AST coated and looped at both ends simple leader changes and installations.  We offer the Sonar Sink Tip in the type 3 (2.5-3.5 ips) and the type 6 (5.5-6.5 ips).  When you have a need for a sink tip line the Sonar Titan won’t disappoint.  These lines are available in WF5-WF9.

Sonar Stillwater Sinking Lines

We offer two options in the Sonar Stillwater sinking line series the Stillwater Camo Clear and the Seamless Density.  The Camo Clear is a slow sink mostly transparent fly line that is a slow sink (1.25 ips) this line is an absolute must on the stillwaters the invisibility of this line and the slow sink make it very productive in shallow water helping to fool even the wiliest of trout.  The Camo Clear has the same taper design as the MPX floating line making the line an absolute pleasure to cast.  The Seamless Density sinking lines have utilized an innovative double density design that makes for a nice straight line connection helping to really fish your fly effectively.  These lines can be purchased in sink 1/3 WF4-WF7, sink 3/5 WF 5-WF7 and a sink 5/7 WF6-WF8. 

Air Cel Floating Sinking Lines and Sink Tip Lines

Air Cel and Wet Cel lines are our entry level lower cost lines from Scientific Anglers but don’t let that fool you these lines were still built to perform at the high level we always see from a Scientific Angler Line.  The Air Cel floating line can be purchased in a WF4-WF9.  The Wet Cel full sink is available in WF5-WF8 and in clear intermediate (1.25 ips), type 2 (1.75-2.75 ips), type 4 (4-5 ips) and type 6 (4.5-6 ips).  The Wet Cel sink tip is available in WF5-WF8 and in type 4 (4-5ips).

Absolute Trout Leaders and Tippets

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout leaders are well absolutely phenomenal.  These copolymer lines are extremely supple and have a 29% higher knot strength then the previous leaders and tippets from Scientific Anglers.  Sea-Run Fly and Tackle stocks the Absolute Trout leaders in the single packs in the 9’ and 11’ 6X (3.5lb), 5x (5.9lb), 4x (7.4lb) and 3x (9lb) and in a 3 pack 9’ 5x (5.9lb) and 4x (7.4lb).  Absolute Trout Tippet material is available in a 32.8 yard spool in 6X (3.5lb), 5x (5.9lb), 4x (7.4lb) and 3x (9lb).

Cleaning Pads and Dressing

One of the more over looked equipment maintenance actions is not cleaning fly lines.  Scientific Anglers sells fly line cleaning pads these can be purchased on their own as a 2 pack or with a fly line dressing.  One side of the cleaning pads have a side that’s like a ultra ultra fine grit sand paper that pulls off all the dirt, pollen and other junk off the water helping make lines shoot further and also aiding having a fly line last longer.  The other side of the bad has a sponge on it that allows the line dressing to be applied.  The line dressing helps to restore the slickness of the line and helps floating lines floating higher needless to say the dressing should not be used on sinking lines.

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