RIO VersiTip II Fly Line Review

RIO VersiTip II Fly Line Review

In this RIO VersiTip II fly line review we will discuss why this is the most economical, expensive and versatile fly line on the market for a river fly fisher.  When fly fishing on a river for trout, salmon, char or steelhead floating lines and sink tip lines are the most commonly used and this line is all of them in one! 

Welded Loop System

The RIO VersiTip II fly line has a welded loop fifteen feet back in the taper and comes with a 15’ floating tip, 15’ intermediate tip, 15’ type 3 tip and a 15’ type 6 tip all of which come with the welded loop for fast and easy changes.  The welded loop not only allows for a quick change, but it makes for a smooth seamless cast that feels just like a regular non looped fly line.

Consider the Economics 

We can’t conduct this review without talking about why this line is such an economical choice. If you consider the cost of four fly lines with one reel and three spools or four fly reels you’re far exceeding the $249.98 price tag that this line carries. Purchase the RIO VersiTip II fly line from our online store.

Quick Change

The economics of this line aren’t it’s only highlights the ability to quickly change out a tip to suit the water type you’re fishing without having to change out a reel or a spool is so much more efficient maximizing the time in your day to fish not stringing up rods or having a line that isn’t suited to the water you’re fishing. 

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Leader Wallet

The RIO Versi-Tip II comes with a leader wallet to store your tips this is also an advantage on the water as this is much lighter weight than lugging around extra spools or reels with you. 

Line Weight

These lines are available in WF5-WF10 with the larger line sizes WF8 and up another tip option is possible as a type 8 can be purchased separately making it five fly lines in one. 

Buy the Replacement Tips and Main Body Separately

RIO does also offer the main body portion of the line for purchase separately so if the main body has reached the end of its fishing career but the tips still have life left in them that option is something to keep in mind. You can also purchase the tips separately too.

Not Just for River Fly Anglers

While we have been quite focused on these lines for river fishing as this is where the line really shines and makes sense but by all means there is lake applications as well. All in all these fly lines perform excellent and really are a sensible purchase. 

As you can see in our RIO VersiTip II fly line review, this line system is not only economical, it's also extremely versatile. 

If you have any questions about RIO Products, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by the shop at #110 1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

Good luck on the water.

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