Magic Winter Run Steelhead Jigs!

Magic Winter Run Steelhead Jigs!

If you are looking for a pair of “go to” winter run Steelhead jigs then you definitely need to try these two beauties! 

The Winter Run Attraction and Assassin Steelhead jigs effectively search out hard to find chrome winter runs with a bright and dark colour option. These hot jigs utilize UV materials to help attract lethargic fish during cold weather conditions. Steelhead love to hit these jigs on a dead drift or on a swung presentation. For the best success always fish these jigs under a float and off the bottom.  Make sure you cast lots, cover as much water as possible and most importantly have fun! 

Winter Run Attraction Jig Recipe

Hook: Compleat Angler 1/4oz Bright Orange 
Thread: UTC 140 fluorescent orange
Butt: Hareline Polar chenille UV pearl
Rear Legs: Yamashita 0A12R UV hootchie legs with Silli legs pearl fire tip
Body 1st Half:  Wapsi cross cut rabbit strips white
Body 2nd Half: Hareline cross cut rabbit strips fluorescent pink
Front Legs: Same as rear legs
Collar: Fish Hunter Schlappen hackle fluff steelhead orange
Curly Tail: Mr Twister Curly Tail Grub pearl pink


Winter Run Assassin Jig Recipe

Hook: Compleat Angler 1/4oz Hot Pink
Thread: UTC 140 fluorescent pink
Butt: Polar chenille UV purple
Rear Legs: Yamashita 0A12R fluorescent pink hootchie legs
Body: Hareline cross cut rabbit strips purple
Front Legs: Same as rear legs
Collar: Fish Hunter Schlappen hackle fluff dark lilac
Worm: Mad River purple fluorescent pink tail

Rigging Instructions

Mainline: 15lb to 20lb test monofilament fishing line
Float Size: DNE Foam Floats or Badjura Cork Float 20g to 30g – depending on water volume
Weight: split shot or pencil lead
Leader: 15lb to 20lb test Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon
2′-4′ Water Depth: 20″-24″ leader length and 0″-20″ float depth
4′-8′ Water Depth: 24″-36″ leader length and 0″-54″ float depth

Original tyer: Andrew Redmont
Credits: West Coast Steelhead!

Tight Lines,

Andrew Redmont


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