Joe's Minnow Fly Tying Video and Fly Recipe

Joe's Minnow Fly Tying Video and Fly Recipe

Joe’s Minnow is an excellent choice for our spring Cutthroat Fishery. It does a great job of imitating a small salmon fry which are a very sought-after food source for these fish after they have completed their own spawning cycle. When targeting Cutthroat in the spring a fly rod from 4-6 weight is most commonly used and anywhere from 9’-10' in length. Check out the Dragonfly Kamloops fly rod.

A full floating fly line like a RIO Grand will suffice with a standard 9’ tapered leader in either 4X or 5x like a RIO Powerflex Tapered Trout Leader. I like to add a 10’ intermediate sinking Airflo Poly Leader to my floating line to just keep things a little extra stealthy and a little lower in the water column at the end of the retrieve.

I like to retrieve Joe’s Minnow in a slow steady 4 to 6 inch retrieve roughly every second with the odd short quick strip thrown in to see if it gets a reaction. Check out our tying video or come on down to the shop and we can get you set up for some spring Cutthroat success!

Don't tie your own flies? Don't worry! We've got Joe's Minnow in stock and ready for purchase down at the shop.

Joe’s Minnow Fly Recipe

Hook: Mustad Signature Series R73-9671, Size 10  
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 70 Denier, Fl. White
Tail: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Medium Olive UV
Body: Uni-Mylar #12, Gold/Silver Tinsel
Under Wing: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Fl. Silver Dun UV
Over Wing: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Medium Olive UV
Throat: Wapsi Strung Rooster Saddles Long, Red dyed over White
Eye’s:  Wapsi Hologram Eyes, 1/8, Silver
UV Resin:  Raidzap, Thin, Clear UV Cure
UV Light: Raidzap Pro RZ365

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by the shop at #110 1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

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  • by Tyrone Jacobs

    Nice work! I’m going to try some for sure!

  • by Bruce

    Nice tie Casey.

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