Freshwater Sockeye Fishing 101

Freshwater Sockeye Fishing 101

Freshwater (Fraser River) Sockeye Fishing

As most know, sockeye are not aggressive biters as they travel through the Fraser River, in order to catch a sockeye we use a tactic that SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR SOCKEYE ON THE FRASER… flossing. We use a bait casting or spinning rod that is 10-12ft long with a spinning or bait casting reel loaded with 50lb or 65lb braided line. At the end of the mainline we attach a leader saver, this minimizes line twisting when casting and our weight from causing damage to the leader, we attach our round bouncing betty weight to this. Leaders are typically tied on 20lb-30lb line and are from 7ft-14ft long a corkie (small foam lure) and some wool sit above the 1/0-4/0 hook the leader is attached to the leader saver as well.

Once the rig is ready to do business (barbs are pinched down and knots are good) cast the set up slightly upstream to directly in front of you, a cast too far upstream will tangle other anglers, snag you on bottom and catch you no fish, all bad. Once your weight hits the bottom allow it to sweep across the river current bouncing off bottom until it swings downstream almost parallel below you. Too heavy a weight is not good if it feels like your weight is in constant contact with bottom or rolling along the bottom switch to a lighter weight. If your weight is too light your presentation will be too high in the water column as it swings below you catching no salmon. The Fraser river sockeye fishery is extremely popular so we remind everyone to be courteous towards other anglers give enough space to allow for casting and don’t be afraid to ask if it’s ok to fish beside someone before heaving your gear out. Please remember to take all of your garbage with you especially old fishing line, and most importantly make sure you are up to speed on your species identification there are steelhead present in the Fraser of which wild fish are not open to retention at all ever, never ever

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