Cody's "Still Got It" Fly for Bull Trout

Cody's "Still Got It" Fly for Bull Trout

This fly was developed for the late Spring fishery for Bull Trout in high glacial coloured waters. This particular pattern displays all of the necessary qualities to deliver a good profile, movement, and colour to the fish. This one is always in my box for freshet conditions.

Materials Used:

  • UTC 140 Thread (Olive Green)
  • Tiemco 9395 Hook (as shank)
  • Senyo’s Standard Intruder Trailer Wire (Chartreuse)
  • Owner #1 Stinger Hook (Octopus bait hook)
  • 7/32 Cone (Hot Chartreuse)
  • Rabbit Strip Zonkers (Fl. Chartreuse)
  • Jailhouse Marabou (Chartreuse-Black)
  • Ice Dub (Caddis Green)
  • Dyed UV Polar Chenille (Chartreuse)
  • Krinkle Mirror Flash (Olive)


  1. Place the cone on your hook and lay a base of thread down
  2. Taking your Senyo’s wire, place your hook on the wire and tie it down to the shank of your fly hook
  3. Cut a piece of rabbit strip zonker and tie it as a tail section extending a ways past your stinger hook (this will help eliminate deeply hooked fish)
  4. Taking a strand of UV Polar Chenille, tie it down and wrap it around towards the eye of the hook, stopping 3/4 of the way up to leave room for your marabou and dubbing
  5. Take a longer piece of marabou and palmer it to create profile.
  6. Spin your dubbing at the head behind the cone. Then wrap it right behind the cone. Flare the dubbing out and with the fly with a dubbing brush.
  7. Go get some fish!



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