Cody’s Steelhead Sunset Delight

Cody’s Steelhead Sunset Delight


  • TMC 7999 #1 Low Water Salmon Hook (for shank)
  • Senyo’s Trailer Wire (Pink)
  • Owner Super Needle Point Stinger Hook (#1)
  • Rabbit Zonker (Hot Pink)
  • UV Fl. Fuschia Polar Chenille
  • Pink and Purple Marabou
  • Pink and Purple Silli Legs
  • Hot Pink Trilobal Dubbing
  • Fuschia and Purple Flashabou
  • Red Dumbell Eyes (Size to suit water conditions)

Tying Instructions:

  • Tie on your dumbbell eyes
  • Lay a base of thread down and tie in your trailer wire and stinger hook
  • Cut a strip of Rabbit Zonker and tie in a tail section
  • Tie in 4 strands of rubber legs (2 pink – 2 purple)
  • Taking a strand of pink polar chenille, tie it in and flare it back; tie it off ¾ of the way up the hook
  • Palmer Purple Marabou Around and flare it back
  • Palmer Pink Marabou around and flare it back
  • Using a dubbing loop, spin your pink Trilobal dubbing in to create a head
  • Tie your thread off, head cement
  • Catch some fish!


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