Cody’s Black & Blue Sabre Tamer

Cody’s Black & Blue Sabre Tamer

Straying away from your typical Chum colours, Black and Blue is a deadly colour combination for November Chums.


Hook: Mustad SL73UBLN-36890 #1/0
Thread: UTC 140 Peacock Blue
Tail: Black Rabbit Zonker
Body: UV Polar Chenille Large (Pearl)
Collar #1: Silver Doctoc Blue Marabou
Collar #2: Black Marabou
Eyes: Painted Lead Eyes (Chartreuse) Size to match water type
Flash: Krinkle Mirror Flash (Blue)


1). Lay a base of thread on your hook
2). Tie in your dumbbell eyes with a criss-cross pattern near the eye of the hook
3). Cut a piece of black rabbit zonker and tie in a tail section
4). Tie in a length of UV Polar Chenille and wrap it half way up the hook shank and tie it off.
5). Next, palmer  a piece of blue marabou and wrap it ¾ of the way up the hook shank.
6). Palmer a piece of black marabou and wrap it the remaining length of the hook shank and tie it off near the eyes.
7). Take 3 strands of Krinkle Flash, and double it over and tie it in so you have 3 lengths on either side of the fly.
8). Tie off the fly, and head cement for extra durability.
9). Get out there and go catch them!


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