Cedar Plank Salmon with Blackberries

Cedar Plank Salmon with Blackberries

This is a great cedar plank salmon recipe courtesy of Wayne K.


Soak cedar plank for a couple of hours or overnight find some wild black berries and crush them with a fork. preheat BBQ remove plank from water, put filets on plank drizzle some maple syrup on the salmon filet then coat with crushed black berries (blue berries are good too) season with salt and pepper or anything else you like. put on BBQ till done to your likeness, being careful to not catch the plank on fire. serve with sides of your choice, we like nugget potatoes, garden fresh beans and carrots, and a Greek salad. Also a grilled peach or nectarine goes nicely, just cut in half, drizzle with balsamic vinegar and grill for a few minutes.


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