Trophy XL Titan Centrepin Rod Review

Trophy XL Titan Centrepin Rod Review

In this review we will be looking at the Trophy XL Titan Centrepin Rod. If you live outside BC, the name Trophy XL rods may not be a name that is familiar to you, but it should be! Trophy XL rods were designed for BC by BC anglers and have never really been heavily marketed outside of our province. Trophy XL has earned a strong reputation for making high quality rods at affordable prices.

These rods are the house name brand of one of our major distributors, Big Rock Sports. Trophy XL produces multiple series of rods for all different types of fish species. In this review we are going to focus on the Titan series, specifically for centrepin fishing. 

Trophy XL Titan Review

The Titan series is the top end in the Trophy XL line up. These rods carry a very modest price tag of $299.98. This is a great value for how well these rods are built.

As we write this review, one important thing to highlight is how difficult it is becoming to find a good, true West Coast centrepin rod.  A lot of rods used for centrepin fishing these days are designed more as saltwater mooching or downrigger rods. Yes, they do function as a centrepin rod, but this is not specifically what they were built to do. Titan rods on the other hand were specifically designed and built to be a centrepin rod. It says so right on the blank!


There are two models of Trophy XL Titan Centrepin Rods. The Titan 2106 and the Titan 3113.


The 2106 is a 10’6” rod with a 2-power rating. This is a great Steelhead or Coho rod. It’s not that you can’t hook Chum or Chinook because you totally can. It is just not a rod with big power in the butt section for pulling on a really big fish. 


The other model is the 3113. This rod is 11’3” and has a 3-power rating. This means there is more power to handle larger fish like Chinook and Chum but not so much that you’ll feel totally over-gunned for Coho and Steelhead fishing. You can see it in the difference in the diameter of the butt sections of these two rods.

Titan rod review

Blank and Components

The Titan rods have been around for quite a few years now and the blanks that they are built on have stood up to the rigors of BC river fishing. The Titan blank is a dark blue colour and has a matching blue anodized butt box, a skeleton style reel seat with a sharp-looking cork middle. 

Skeleton Reel Seat

The guides are a good quality titanium frame that wraps around the blue insert making it more durable as it’s less likely to have an insert pop out if banged around.  All these components with the blank colour create a very aesthetically-pleasing fishing rod.


The blanks have a great parabolic flex. This is especially beneficial when using a bushing type centrepin reel that is very popular amongst BC anglers. 

The only real con the Trophy Titan has is that the reel seat on the 3113 is downlocking. This is something that some people (not all) find a bit uncomfortable as this places the threads of the seat where some people like to hold onto the rod while casting and drifting. A simple way to help alleviate this is to wrap a bit of black electrical tape around the threads to make a smoother surface. 

The 2106 has an uplocking reel seat meaning the threads are at the bottom of the seat and away from anywhere one may hold the rod while drifting. 

Our conclusion on the Trophy XL Titan Centrepin Rod is that it is truly one of the best centrepin rods available for our market. The bonus is that it is also one of the best values.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at, by phone at 604-931-5044 or stop by Sea-Run Fly & Tackle at #110-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam BC.

Good luck on the water.

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