The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses When Fishing

The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses When Fishing

Having sunglasses with you when you’re fishing isn’t necessarily always about having them for a sunny day. In this blog post we will look at some of the benefits of polarized sunglasses for fishing, even on a day when there’s no sun in sight. 


One of the more commonly known benefits of polarized sunglasses for fishing is the improved ability to see into the water much more clearly.  The glare- minimalizing polarization used on the lenses is achieved with a chemical film that is either embedded or applied to the lens.

This helps minimize the glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light but allowing vertical light in. What our eye see as glare is mostly horizontal light.  This improved visibility into the water helps us to spot fish more easily, see objects such as logs and rocks and help us to determine the depth. 

Lens Colours

While we wish that every day on the water was a perfect beautiful sunny day, this isn’t always the case. Just because we don’t have the sun, doesn’t mean that the sunglasses need to go away.  Sunglasses are offered in a multitude of lens colours for different light situations. Some of the colours help make things brighter in those low light conditions. 

One of the more common colours of sunglasses you’ll see would be the grey coloured lens. These are perfectly fine on a bright sunny day, but once you get some cloud cover it becomes difficult to see. This usually means the glasses are coming off.

Maui Jim

A brown or amber lens are great all-around options. In fact, these are our preferred colour of lenses because they help to dull down the sunlight on a very sunny day but brighten things up during low light conditions, so great for all day usage.

A green coloured lens is also a good all-around lens. Like the brown or amber lens, these dull down light on a bright sunny day but help to brighten up everything when the light is low.  A rose coloured lens provides a nice subtle rose tint that can help to tone down a bright sun and brighten things up under low light conditions.

The last most common lens colour is a bright yellow. These are not so great on a bright sunny day but will brighten things up on an overcast day. Yellow is not our first colour choice for all-around fishing purposes, but they do have their place.

Protect Your Eyes

The usage of sunglasses on overcast days is not only about the increased ability to see fish or read water but UV light can harm your eyes. Wearing your sunglasses all-day, even when there’s cloud cover will help protect your eyes from the damage caused by UV light.

Polarized Angling Sunglasses

We can speak from experience; your eyes sure feel a lot less strained after a full shift on the water even if there wasn’t sun that day.  Sunglasses will also help protect your eyes from fishing stuff flying around, such as flies, weights, hooks etc. Accidents can happen on the water, so ensuring your eyes are protected is a good thing.

Brands We Carry

Maui Jim Sunglasses are our go-to brand for the angler looking for higher-end sunglasses. They have a huge array of models to choose from. They have great optical quality, crystal clear vision, outstanding customer service and warranty.  For a less expensive option, Calcutta Sunglasses are a great choice. They’re reasonably priced and have a good lens for the money.  Good luck on the water and don’t forget your sunglasses!


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