Rowley's Holo Worm Fly Tying Video

Rowley's Holo Worm Fly Tying Video

When discussing Chironomids, the pupal stage is often the focus. It's crucial to have some Bloodworms in your Stillwater box to mimic the larval stage of these insects. When the fish key into these down in the mud, having a pattern like Phil Rowley’s “Holo Worm” is a fantastic imitation. This is one of the first patterns I will send down to entice a hungry trout. Most people think of the bright red variations of this fly, but these can be found in other colours as well. The wine variation I've tied for you, along with shades of green, can save the day! 

Fly Recipe

Hook: Ahrex FW541, Size 12

Bead: Wapsi Cyclops Brass Bead, 3 3/32”, Gold

Thread: Uni Thread, 8/0, Wine

Tail: Natures Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou, Hot Red and Burgundy

Under Body: UTC Holo Tinsel, Medium, Red

Over Body: Textreme Fly Box’s Buzzer Wrap, Bordeaux

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire, Small, Gold

UV Resin: Raidzap Super Thin

UV Torch: Raidzap RZ365 Pro UV Light

Fly Tying Video

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Good luck on the water.

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