Crusty Straggle Leech Tied By Dennis Gamboa

Crusty Straggle Leech Tied By Dennis Gamboa

Step by Step Tying Instructions








  1. Insert bead onto hook , small hole in first. Secure thread behind bead and lay a foundation if thread progressing back to the hook bard.
  2. Tie in a piece of woolly Bugger marabou with a tail extending 1/2 a hook gape past the hook bend.
  3. Using the “V” out method secure two strands of orange Krystal flash down the sides. Trim to length or stagger
  4. Tie in a 2.5 ” piece of straggle over the hook barb and Palmer the material fwd and stop one eye length behind the bead.
  5. Create a 1 ” dubbing loop and insert the dubbing in sparse horizontal lengths. Twist and Palmer the hackle just behind the bead. Whip finish and comb out the fibres with a dubbing rake.

A simple fly that can be tied in many combinations, like blue and olive. Ideal for targeting rainbows, cuties and bull trout.

Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Partridge Sedge/Caddis Hook 8-12
Thread: 70 burnt orange uni
Bead: 1/8 gold bead
Tail: Brown woolly Bugger Marabou, 2 strands of orange Krystal flash
Body: Claret/Gold Holographic Straggle
Collar: Fusion dub in Crusty Nail


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