Cody’s Criss-Crossed Demon Leech Fly Pattern

Cody’s Criss-Crossed Demon Leech Fly Pattern

This is always a good leech/attractor pattern to have in the box, especially when you want to try something different as there is a good chance the other anglers on the lake will not be fishing it! The body pattern was inspired by a modern leech and traditional classic salmon/steelhead fly style.


  • Hends BL 700 #8 Hook
  • UTC 70 Thread (Black)
  • Nymph Head (Brass-Anodized Bloodworm Red) 7/64”
  • Sparkle Chenille (Small-Black)
  • Wooly Bugger Marabou (Black)
  • Small UTC Wire (Silver)
  • SuperFlash (Red-Black)
  • Flashabou (Red)


  1. Place your red bead on the hook, laying a base of thread along the hook.
  2. At the end, tie in a tail section of your black wooly bugger marabou.
  3. Taking 4 strands of red-black SuperFlash, place 2 on either side of the tail, and trim them so they are just a hair longer than your tail.
  4. Tie in a strand of silver UTC wire. (This will be the wire that will criss-cross your backwards wrapped flashabou).
  5. Tie in a strand of black Sparkle Chenille, wrap it along the body to the bead, and tie it off.
  6. Once you have tied off your chenille, tie in a strand or two of your red Flashabou.
  7. Wrap your red Flashabou in an even fashion backwards towards the tail, then grab your wire, and begin to cross it along the body up towards the bead. (This will tie down your flashabou while creating the crossing pattern).
  8. Tie off your wire at the head, and whip finish or knot it.
  9. Catch some fish!



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